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The Train To Buffalo

I pulled up my mask and with the other four

Waited by the creek for the locomotive's roar

And when we saw the smoke and heard the whistle blow

We rode out to rob the train to Buffalo

We broke free the baggage car, the papers would report

And when we blew the safe, they heard it back in Davenport

A fortune for the taking, silver, jewels and gold

More than we could carry, more than we could hold

We buried it to make our getaway

Off in the distance, you could hear the bloodhounds bray

But soon the trail grew cold and they would never know

Who robbed the train to Buffalo

In a Texas town, we kept in the clear

And left our treasure hidden for more than a year

Then two of us got drunk one night in a saloon

And I asked if we'd be back to get the money soon

His eyes narrowed and his hand dropped to his side

And I knew the rest decided one of us should die

But we both drew fast and true and as they cradled me

The last thing that I did was name the other three

If I was going to die for robbery

They would pay as well for their treachery

So in the end there wouldn't be a thing to show

When we robbed the train to Buffalo

One hundred years have passed, still others fortune seek

Along these railroad tracks, down below the creek

Dreaming of the riches, waiting to be found

My advice would be to leave it in the ground

And keep in mind the story you've been told

You can take the silver, but the devil gets the gold

I wish someone had told me this long ago

When we robbed the train to Buffalo

Ray Lambiase     vocal, acoustic guitar

Bill Ayasse           fiddle

John Kribs           acoustic lead guitar

Orion Kribs         mandolin

Kevin Maul         dobro

Jim Uhl                 bass

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