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Time Leaves Things Behind

Ray Lambiase  vocal, acoustic guitar, keyboards

Kate Corrigan  vocal

Kenny Kosek  fiddle

Jack Gabis  acoustic lead guitar

John Brisotti  mandolin

Jim Uhl  bass


I can almost hear your voice when a whisper rides the wind

Words from long ago, drift like fallen snow

And I almost hear your voice


I can sometimes see you eyes when a stranger looks my way

It turns out to be your shadow chasing me

But I sometimes see your eyes


Just like a thief comes through a window and takes all he can find

Time makes off with your memories

But time leaves things behind, time leaves things behind


I can feel you by my side in the stillness of the night

The long arm of the moon reaches across the room

And I feel you by my side




Do you wonder where I am - do you wonder where you'd be?

If some forgotten day, things had gone another way

Do you wonder where you'd be?






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