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The Moon's The Man Who Knows

Jimmy lived outside Detroit

And he got married young

Soon they had a baby boy

And she went on the run

Don't you worry, little man

What the future holds

You can ask the stars above

But the moon's the man who knows


Jimmy couldn't keep a job

What jobs there were to keep

He went to his mother's house

And put the boy to sleep

Rest your head, my little man

Dream of where you'll go

I wish I could tell you more

But the moon's the man who knows


Jimmy got into his car

And drove most of the night

He circled one last time

And then parked out of sight

He sent up through the cloudless sky

A prayer form down below

But if anyone was listening

The moon's the man who knows


He walked into a liquor store

And he took out a gun

And just before it all went bad

His thought raced from his son

To the promise of his own young life

And the different roads he choose

Could he have found the one way out?

The moon's the man who knows




Ray Lambiase     vocal, acoustic guitar


aag Stanl

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