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Love's A Funny Thing

Every now and then, writers point their pen

Right at love's elusive charms

They'll document the tears, the laughter and the fears

But still end up with empty arms

Love's one lesson that life can't teach

Like a dream, just out of reach

A smile so enchanted, soon taken for granted

Love's a funny thing

A few words go unspoken and two hearts are broken

Love's a funny thing

Alone and unprotected, when least espected

Love's a funny thing

But cupid's bow will find you, if only to remind you

That love's a funny thing

Just when you think, you know what love's about

The roof falls in, the floor drops out

Her beauty will astound you, then she'll leave you like she found you

Love's a funny thing

So many times you'll doubt it, but try and live without it

Love's a funny thing

Love's a funny thing

Ray Lambiase   vocal, acoustic guitar, additional keyboards

Kirsten Maxwell   vocal

Mark Mancini   piano

Kevin Kelly   bass

John Michel   drums

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