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Life Has A Mind Of Its Own

I caught a greyhound heading west

Left for I didn't know

When you've lost everything and abandoned the rest

Nowhere's the best place to go

Sat by an old man in an old fashioned suit

He was staring outside

But as day turned to night while we were en route

He said, "I know that look in your eyes."


You can write it all down, you can draw it all up,

Carve a blueprint in stone

But when push comes to shove, it won't be enough

Life has a mind of its own

"It won't be the last time, you take a fall

And it won't be the hardest you land

And it won't matter how far you can crawl

Just how quickly you stand."


Press on, across each bridge as it burns

Press on, and pocket the lessons you learn

I told the driver I thought that next town

Might be good as it gets

I asked the old man where he was bound

He said, "I don't know quite yet"


Ray Lambiase     vocal, acoustic guitar

John Kribs           acoustic lead guitar

Orion Kribs         mandolin

Mark Mancini     piano

Jim Uhl                bass

Kate Corrigan, Rorie Kelly, Kirsten Maxwell   additional vocals

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