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He Doesn't Look A Day Over You

When he stops to say hello

He looks like he did years ago

A touch of grey is all that's new

But when he takes your hand

Suddenly, you understand

He doesn't look a day over you

You might think that time stood still

And the years had all been kind

And he's the man you always knew

He'll ask if you are well

And it isn't hard to tell

He doesn't look a day over you

His voice still sounds the same

Each mention of your name

He laughes about some thing you used to do

And it seems like yesterday

His eyes drift far away

He doesn't look a day over you

You can see his smile betray

The wounds time didn't heal

And the heart that still beats true

And even as he says goodbye

There's nothing he can do to hide

He doesn't look a day over you

Ray Lambiase     vocal, acoustic guitar

Kate Corrigan     vocals

Bill Ayasse          fiddle

John Kribs           acoustic lead guitar

Orion Kribs         mandolin

Mark Mancini     piano

Kevin Maul          dobro

Jim Uhl                 bass

Gregory Meade, Richard Meade   additional vocals

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