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Cedar Hill

In May of 1862, the rebels would not yield

They drove us back across a Shenendoah field

Cut off from our cavalry, the trurth, a bitter pill

We'd ride alone up Cedar Hill


Captain Lowry had command, his words the spring air chilled

"Boys, there's only one way out - kill or else be killed"

We set out, I made the choice that haunts me to this day

I trailed behind, turned and rode away


I rode off into the wind, my back to Cedar Hill

I can't change a single thing and now, I never will

Sixteen men went up that day, fifteen are fighting still

No one else came down from Cedar Hill


I raced across the nearest farm, out over Crooked Run

I thought I heard him call my name before I heard his gun

I know I watched the moon above an empty blue sky fill

Rising over Cedar Hill




Now I watch the valley turn the colors fo the fall

Busy streets have filled with cars and shopping malls

The years below pass quickly, and yet somehow time stands still

On Cedar Hill

Ray Lambiase  vocal, acoustic guitar, keyboards

Kate Corrigan  vocal

Kenny Kosek  fiddle

Mark Newman  electric lead guitar

John Brisotti mandolin

Jim Uhl  bass

Cliff Hackford  drums

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