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The Ballad of Three Finger Brown

Come gather in the dugout, leave the bats and balls behind

In life and baseball, a hero's hard to find

That's why we still remember all across this town

And tell the story of Three Finger Brown

He was born in Indiana, where he lost part of his hand

But then he found a curveball that could strike out any man

After St. Louis, he was Chicago bound

The Cubs had a rookie named Three Finger Brown

In 1908, the Giants had a fearsome nine

They fought us to one final game, the season on the line

They had Christy Mathewson to keep the Cubbies down

We gave the baseball to Three Finger Brown

But the gangsters they had told him that his life was at stake

And if they won the ballgame, it would be his last mistake

With their threats in his pocket, he walked onto the mound

And no man stood taller than Three Finger Brown

His curveball dipped and darted, right through the strike zone dropped

The Giants never had a chance, the Cubs wound up on top

He brought home the pennant, then he brought home the crown

The pride of Chicago was Three Finger Brown

So if you're in a tough spot and the odds are looking grim

And your team needs a hero, if they're gonna win

Reach back for something extra and look into the crowd

'Cause someone's watching named Three Finger Brown

Ray Lambiase     vocal, acoustic guitar

Bill Ayasse           fiddle

John Kribs           acoustic lead guitar

Orion Kribs         mandolin

Kevin Maul         dobro

Jim Uhl                bass

Kate Corrigan, Terri Hall, Christine Kellar, Rorie Kelly   additional vocals

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